taking the ground

High and dry

by Jax 28th Jul 2013 - adventures

Vagaris dried out in Padstow

For anyone who saw yesterday’s post, you might like to know that all went well. The tide went out – some helpful locals warned us we were anchored on the sand bank (thank you – we meant to anchor on the sandbank…), some other helpful people offered to tow us off the sandbank as the tide went out – no really, thank you, but we want to be on the sandbank…), the tide came in again and we floated off.

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Waiting for the tide to go out

by Adrian 27th Jul 2013 - adventures

We’re currently anchored over a sandbank just outside Padstow harbour in Cornwall. The depth is 1.3 meters and falling, and we’re waiting for the tide to go all the way out so we take the ground and dry out.

This will be the first time we’ve dried out, so it’s all a bit new. All going to plan do far…

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