Roaming Solar

by Adrian 24th Jan 2015 - equipment

We’re currently in the Caribbean roaming the seas in a very self sufficient manner. We are making our own water, generating our own electricity, shopping locally and living quite cheaply and well. (We’ll all be reading the Guardian , not washing and wearing dreads soon if we carry on like this!)

(not much chance of that)

Coachroof Solar PanelsOne little modification I made before leaving Las Palmas which is helping considerably was replacing the two 65W factory supplied solar panels built into either side of the coachroof with more efficient 100W mono-crystalline ones.

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Solar Current Meters

by Adrian 19th Jan 2014 - equipment

Once I’d fitted our new solar panels, it seemed obvious to want to know how much current they were producing individually.

Solar Charge Meters

I have fitted simple digital current meters across each of our 3 solar panel to accurately measure and show the current flowing into the battery from each charge controller.

(Interestingly, with full batteries and the main solar panels pumping current into the system, the two smaller charge controllers detect the full state and back off and don’t contribute anything – hence the near-zero input figures here.

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Solar Power with a capital P

by Adrian 4th Sep 2013 - equipment

We’ve had a great summer cruise, and (for the UK) have had a decent amount of sunshine.

I’m very pleased that the new solar panels I installed over the winter have performed fantastically.

This is the maximum output I’ve seen so far. Not bad for up here at 50 deg north.

Decent Amps

We regularly average over 10amps during a sunny day, and thats without any angling of the panels towards the sun.

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Solar Everywhere

by Adrian 22nd Mar 2013 - equipment

In this winter of projects, one that I am particularly pleased with is the upgrade of our solar power system.

Solar panels from aboveWe already had two 65 watt panels installed on the coachroof as a factory option when the boat was built, but the intention was always to install another set of high efficiency panels on top of the arch at the stern.

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