Lagos to Las Palmas

by Jax 30th Aug 2014 - Portugal
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Not one.

That’s how many other yachts we saw on passage to the Canaries.

We didn’t see much wildlife either, a couple of dolphins on the first afternoon, a few sea birds and a couple of random small squid that we found on deck. We didn’t know how long the squid had been there so we thought it best not to eat them – shame.

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by Adrian 3rd Sep 2013 - equipment

I’m pleased to report that our new Parasailor is performing as expected and promises to be an invaluable addition to the sail wardrobe.
DCIM100GOPROWe ordered it in a fit of madness in January, picked it up in May and have so far used it three times in anger over the summer.

It does what it says on the (very expensive) tin – it provides us with a easy to use, versatile and safe downwind sailing solution.

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