Dark arrival

by admin 15th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

We arrived in Rodney Bay marina, St Lucia last night at 1943 local
time after 20 days and 3050 miles at sea.

Atlantic weed and swimming

by Adrian 14th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

We've been motoring for a day, and every few hours have had to stop and let the prop fold to clear off accumulated weed.

Arrival Preparations

by Adrian 14th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

60 miles to go and we're making preparations for arrival.

Nearly finished

by Adrian 14th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

We've less than 130 miles to go now and due to low winds have decided to motor the last few miles.
The wind has dropped to less than 10 knots, so instead of taking 3 days to slowly sail the last couple of hundred miles we decided to motor in order to arrive late Sunday night so we can start enjoying the rum punches and celebrations.

Preventative maintenance

by Adrian 12th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

We've 400 miles to go and we're currently barrelling along in 20 knots of wind, so it's a bit rolly.
Over the past few days however we've had very light winds from dead astern, so have been smoothly sailing downwind on the Parasailor. We took it down earlier after a 24 hour run to check for chafe and found the halyard severely chewed at the top.

10000 miles

by Adrian 11th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

No, we haven’t taken a wrong turn, that’s the number of miles we’ve sailed in Vagaris since new in March 2012.

Given the general similarity of daily activities onboard, this was enough to spark a mini celebration of canapés and for those who wanted it, a small glass of white wine (the bottle for which had previously been used for risotto).

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St Lucia top ten

by Adrian 10th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

Now that we are counting down the miles instead of counting up, thoughts turn inevitably to what we are going to do when we arrive in St. Lucia.

Taming the Beast

by Adrian 9th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

We have a beast on board. Wild, powerful, unpredictable, intimidating and beautiful. And our mission is to tame it - or if not possible then to at least try to understand its character, predict its behaviour, harness its energy and enjoy its beauty.

Squally Steve

by Adrian 8th Dec 2014 - North Atlantic

Unfortunately for Steve he was the one huddled up under the sprayhood sheltering from the rain whilst the rest of us waited down below for it to pass over us so we could pop up, reinstate the sails and head back to our bunks until dragged from fitful sleep again for our watch...

This ship is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

by Adrian 8th Dec 2014 - Uncategorized

What do you do with your bananas when even the specially selected bunches of green ones are too soft to retain their banana like shape anymore...