Fruit and veg

by Adrian 21st Nov 2014 - food

Jax has been shopping every day for a week. Today our fruit and veg arrived. Each item had to be washed and dried, then will be individually wrapped before being stored in our new fruit nets hanging in the technical room.




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Too easy

by Jax 5th Sep 2014 - food
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Here’s one of the recipes from last weeks crossing:

When people are impressed with the food that you make for them you don’t really want to let them in on the fact that it was actually a doodle to make as they will discover just what a lazy fraud you are…However, as the recipe in question is not exactly a big secret, I guess it’s only fair to share.

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La Coruña

by Jax 29th Nov 2011 - atlantic europe

San Sebastian, I was expecting to be a fantastic foodie experience, but ending up in La Coruña for a few days turned out to be a very pleasant gastronomic surprise.20111129-221802.jpg

I had found some very good recommendations for what and where to eat in various blogs on San Sebastian (thanks ThePleasureMonger) San Sebastian  but such tips for La Coruña were harder to come across.

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