TTFN to our crew…

by Jax 2nd Sep 2014 - equipment

Last night we said ‘hasta la vista’ to our crew, but not before Steve the expert diver volunteered (was coerced?!) into donning Adrian’s wetsuit (which I think he’s had since he was at college!) and jumping into the marina to have a quick look under the boat.

ScubaSteve 3

The point of this exercise was to check the hull was clean which it should be if the ultrasonic anti-fouling is being effective.

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Introducing the crew

by Jax 23rd Aug 2014 - liked

We are very happy to have our very able crew Katherine and Steve Jones aboard for the Lagos – Las Palmas leg.


Katherine and Steve have plans for their own circumnavigation in the future, meantime they are very happy to learn from our discoveries on this trip (our mistakes as well as our successes I imagine!).

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