Dover to Amsterdam – 165 Miles

by Adrian 25th May 2012 - UK

An early morning departure of 7am took us out into the Channel shipping lanes.
The only problem was that we couldn’t see anything. Visibility was about 500m, then 200m then 50m. Really thick fog.

Undeterred (we have an excellent Simrad digital radar on board) we carefully continued on our course across the Channel. I was pleased I’d also bought and installed an automatic loud hailer fog horn, which we activated to announce our presence every two minutes to other vessels in the fog.

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Cans of beans

by Adrian 20th May 2012 - food

How many cans of beans for 3 months for 4 people?

We’re just victualling and trying to stock up on as much shopping as possible to reduce the amount of goods we have to buy in Scandanavia, where prices are much higher than the UK.

The answer is 12, and 12 cans of tuna, 4 boxes of tea bags, 6 large Ribenas… We spent £420 on shopping and filled 4 trolleys.

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