We’re off

by Adrian 24th Nov 2014 - North Atlantic

Finally we started our transatlantic trip. After being wind delayed yesterday it was nice to leave in the sunshine and cheers from the onlooking crowd.


160 yachts crossed the start line with no problems and we’ve now been sailing down the island of Las Palmas towards the open ocean.

It was an amazing feeling slipping the dock lines and heading out of the marina knowing we’re not going to be on dry land again for another three weeks – and then it’d be around the world in the Caribbean.

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Slightly delayed…

by Adrian 23rd Nov 2014 - atlantic europe

The ARC has been slightly delayed for a day due to bad (30 knot+) winds at the start in Gran Canaria.

These unusually windy conditions over the past few days has had us all on edge and has changed the atmosphere slightly from a tropical sailing adventure to an ocean ordeal with people being worried about seasickness and a rough, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous start to a long ocean journey.

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Hot off the press

by Jax 4th Nov 2014 - The Canaries

Article crop 100

Today’s ‘Provincia’ daily newspaper in Las Palmas ran a double page spread on the ARC, and we were interviewed (only because we were available at short notice, not because we’re special!) for the feature by a charming journalist who didn’t know very much about sailing, but might have learnt a thing or two – first and foremost that heels are not the best footwear on a pontoon.

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The Vagaris / Allures / ARC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by Adrian 31st Aug 2014 - Events
Thumbnail image for The Vagaris / Allures / ARC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We’ve just arrived in Las Palmas in preparation for crossing the Atlantic in a couple of months with World Cruising Club’s ARC Rally.

What should we do with the dinghy before packing it away? My nephew sent me the challenge from Finland by having his two young boys douse themselves in cold water. Could we do any better?

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