by Adrian on August 31, 2006

A small spanner in the works… The marina we planned to go to and the one that said it had space turned out not to have any berths. This was a bit upsetting because a) it was cheap and b) it was the only marina out of over 10 along the Barcelona coastline we called that had any space for the winter.
Gutted we left the office and tried our last resort, a new marina that was not yet in the almanac or pilot book and we had just heard had recently opened. Luckily they had space and after another 4 hours sailing to cover the 20 miles along the coast this is where we find ourselves now.
We're in Badelona marina, just a few miles north of the city, and despite not being 100 percent finished and being devoid of a few facilities has good toilets, is quiet, seems secure and is reasonably priced at €1900 for 6 months, which is about £200 per month. Not too bad, considering.
Barcelona is about 10 minutes away by train and the airport about 30 mins.
One bit of bad news. I've been nursing a bad back for the past couple of weeks since straining it helping lift the fridge at the spanish house. Although it was finally getting slightly better, pulling the docking lines today to catch the boat in a difficult windy stern-too docking manoever pulled it again and it is now very painful and difficult to move around without whincing.
Anyway, we are safely docked, have the boat sorted for the next 6 months and have a few days to do some end of season cleaning, some
jobs and maybe even have a quick look around the city before catching a quick flight back to Malaga on Monday to catch our flight home on Tuesday.

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