To Barcelona

by Adrian on August 31, 2006

Well, we've made it safely to Barcelona after an 'exciting' journey.

The gale did stay where predicted (which was good) but the seas were rougher than we had expected and the winds were quite constant at between 15 and 25 knots.

During daylight we had a good sail, picking our way through confused 3 to 4 metre swell. Even with 2 reefs in and a reefed genoa we were still hitting 7 knots, but the boat was quite stable and although helming required a lot of concentration, it was good sailing (despite getting bashed around and a bit soaked).

At dusk, the waves still kept coming, and altough the swell reduced as we made westerly progress, the winds kept constant. It was a dark night with a short lived moon, so for many hours we took it one or two hour shifts to plug on in total darkness riding the boat through whatever surprises the sea threw at it. In the pitch dark we sailed, occasionally glimpsing the foaming crest of a wave before it hit and swept under us.

Sleep was in fitful one hour bursts, collapsing into a stern bunk to curl up and sleep on the wall (due to the boat heeling over) fully clothed. Although we've caught up a bit now that daylight has come and the wind has finally reduced, we're both still pretty tired.

Dinner last night was gourmet baked beans and suasages with fried potatoes slices from a packet. It tasted wonderful, and was very welcome in the rough seas.

The last few hours were made motoring as the wind finally died to 2 knots. Although boring, it did give us chance to relax a bit and sort ourselves out.

Barcelona at last.

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