West side

by Adrian on August 31, 2006

Before heading back to the Spanish mainland we've sailed around the corner and found a place to stay on Menorca's west coast. The bays aren't as nice as the south side and we've had all the usual business of finding somewhere with sufficient shelter from the wind and swelll.

After touring around a number of possibilities we finally anchored in a small bay tight up against a rockface to get some shelter. We had to take a stern line ashore to remove the possiblity of swinging into the rocks overnight. This involves a quite tricky manoever of reversing in on the bow anchor, followed by me jumping intop the dingy and rowing ashore to fix a long line around a secure rock, boulder or if lucky, metal hoop in the rock. The anchor then stops us from moving backwards, whilst the shore line stops us swinging in the current and wind.

Once moored up, we jumped into the tender and zoomed off the the end of the inlet to land the dingy on the beach and nip off to a nearby supermarket to get a few fresh supplies. On the way back to the boat we stopped off at a cliffside bar, tied the dingy up on a ladder and climbed up into the bar and had a couple of drinks and a bite to eat.

Unfortunately for us, this particular anchorge proved to be quite choppy and we had an uncomfortable night bouncing up and down in the cross swell. Coupled with being wary and checking the boat's position every hour or two to ensure we hadn't dragged, this meant we didn't have a great night's sleep.

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