Leg 2 – Bayona to Povoa

by Adrian on June 12, 2006

Up early today for the 2nd leg of our trip, starting to head south down the Portuguese coast.

After checking out at 0830 we amassed on the start line at 0945 and after a countdown were off at 1000. There was a bit of wind so everybody had to sail. We had a good start and timed the line fantastically and sped off first out of the bay.

The wind was Northerly, so once we turned south we hoisted our big red Twistle downwind sail and hoped it would give us enough speed to keep the lead and make good progress down the coast.

We remained ahead of the pack for quite a way but were then overtaken by a couple of the larger yachts who took a more seaward route. The Twistle performed marvellously in the f4-5 winds and carried us at an average speed of 6-7 knots. A number of other boats were flying spinnakers, but one by one they came to grief after wind shifts and lost time and positions sorting them out.

There was a reasonable swell on, and our fastest speed was 10.4 knots down a wave!

We were still feeling pretty confident in our chances after a few hours as we were still leading the pack and ahead of all of the larger, heavier and generally more speedy boats. Unfortunately towards the latter stages the two seaward yachts snuck back and beat us to the finish by 15 minutes. We were third boat to finish, but hope that our position may be improved in the final results by account of our handicap, since the first two boats were both faster on paper.

Berthing the boats in the windy marina was very manic and took a few hours. Afterwards we ate pasta for dinner, had a shower and are just about to flop into bed.

Sandra (Adrian’s sister) arrived tonight and popped by to say hello. We’re all pretty tired after a long day, so we’ll catch up tomorrow.

A number of people have come up to us and congratulated us on a good sail – and were especially interested in our Twistle sail. Looking forward to prize giving tomorrow.

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