The final stage

by Adrian on June 8, 2006

After a night’s motoring we were finally only a few hours from Bayona. We were treated to a fantastic dolphin show with a huge pod of 20-30 of them swimming alongside and around us for about 15 minutes. They loved racing the boat and jumping out of the bow wave performing acrobatics and tricks.

Just in case they liked it, we turned up the boat’s stereo and played some fast music. This seemed to keep them interested. We even had a number of them jumping out of the water and then deliberately seeming to splash the sea with their tail when landing with the effect of splashing us on deck. As we laughed and shouted they seemed to react and do it even more – amazing. 

Never to be complacent, the last 5 hours were spent in thick fog off the coast. Fortunately the radar proved its worth and allowed us to see and avoid otherwise invisible shipping. The closest contact was a large fishing boat which passed just 75m ahead of us.

At 1015 Spanish time we crossed the finish line into Bayona. We were 15 minutes ahead of our predicted schedule (more by luck than judgement) and our log reading shows 550 miles travelled. The reception on the pontoon was fantastic, and was a fantastic end of a great trip. Being met, welcomed and congratulated by fellow participants and the organisers made it even more special.

We all felt a sense of achievement in our crossing and were looking forward to a drink, a decent shower and a good night’s sleep – but of course we first had to have some champagne…

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