Storm in a soup cup!

by Adrian on June 8, 2006

Our only disaster during the trip was an incident 50 miles north of Cape Finisterre at 4 in the morning during watch changeover.

Adrian was on the helm in choppy seas and Jax went below to make a cup of soup to warm us up slightly. All seemed to be going well for a few minutes, when there was an almighty crash, lots of swearing, closely followed my frantic cleaning actions. Jax had poured the soups from the flask, had just about been ready to bring them up when a wave and sudden boat movement caused her to slip and decorate the saloon, floor and upholstery liberally with French onion soup.

The commotion was so loud that Amanda woke up and rushed out thinking the mast had come down or something similar.

Needless to say after ½ hour of frantic cleaning up and de-staining, everything returned to normal, but we are still picking up bits of onion from the bilges even now!

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