Entering Biscay

by Adrian on June 6, 2006

Overnight we crossed the continental shelf where the depth went from 150m to over 4000m. On the surface the only change has been a slight deepening of the waves to a long rolling swell. Its not choppy, but the 6ft swell causes the boat to ride up and down in a surfing motion as the wave passes under us.

Biscay at night


We're been able to sail all night and have averaged around 7 knots – which is very respectable. It looks like we may have made some time up after or light winds yesterday. It was nice to come up on deck to see 15-20 knots of wind from the same quarter as it was yesterday evening. This easterly wind makes for quite comfortable broad reach sailing.

Still a long way to go, as we head further out into the ocean towards the centre of Biscay..

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