Across the Channel

by Adrian on June 5, 2006

Dawn started slowly at 4am on my watch, gradually bringing definition and contrast to distant ships and lights we'd only been able to guess at before. Unfortunately we were still motoring due to light winds so the night was not as peaceful as we'd like.



Today saw a gradual new routine build amongst the crew, with grabbing a bit of sleep and food here and there becoming quite important. A bright, warm and sunny day tempted us with 8-11 knots of wind. Unfortunately not quite enough for a decent sail set, so after a few hours at 3.5 to 4 knots on a broad reach with a preventor holding the boom, we gave in and started the motor.


Fuel usage calculations see us using 2.5litres per hour, giving our main tank and auxiliary canisters a range of about 600 miles. Plenty to get to Bayona if we continue to have light wind. 


Today's radio position reporting net was a welcome distraction. At 1300 bst each vessel was contacted and had to relay its position to a boat with SSB radio acting as a duty controller to send the information back to World Cruising Club hq to let them update their position's database on their web site. ( It turns out we're about 3/4 of the way back in the field, with most larger yachts 30-40 miles ahead of us. They've obviously been motoring a bit faster than us!


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