Sunday 4th June

by Adrian on June 4, 2006

Awoke early at 6 with a few nerves for today was the day we were to set off across Biscay to Portugal. The boat is fully prepared and the weather forecast good. 

By 0800 we decided we were ready to leave so we cast off and were the first out. After a slow motor to Plymouth Hoe opposite the Plymouth Yacht club we reached the start line we found a good position in the light winds. Sandra, Geoff and Mum were there waving from the shore. A few final goodbyes by mobile and we were ready for the 0900 countdown.

Rally rules say everyone had to sail at the start so it was well mannered and orderly in the light winds. 

Once out of the sound we (like everyone else) had to switch on the engine and motor as we only had 6 knot winds.

Our course of 210 degrees true would take us eventually across the North West corner of France and then across the long Bay of Biscay. We managed to sail for about 6 hours in 12 knot winds but had to resort to motoring once boat speed died to 3 knots. 

Crew is all well, fit and looking forward to the trip.

Evening brought a beautiful sunset, a good Thai curry prepared by Jax and Amanda, sporadic radio contact with other Yachts and the prospect of a busy night as we closed the French coast and the shipping lanes.

Our watch rota system gives the four of us a three hour watch during the day and then two three hour watches overnight which we share with another person to always have two people on deck during darkness.    

The night passed fairly quietly, with only a couple of encounters with shiping where we decided to alter course slightly to be on the safe side. With only two three hours periods of sleep, we were all a bit tired by sunrise

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