by Adrian on June 1, 2006

Today was a good day. Boat preparations are going well – the top of the sail was fixed by a sailmaker and we finally managed to rig and test our twistle sail.

Amanda arrived around noon, so after a couple of hours familiarisation around the boat we went for a test sail. Once our of the Plymouth estuary entrance we deoployed the Twistle downwind sail and managed 4.5 knots in 10 knots of wind.

We practiced a few tacks and then went through the man overboard drill (with a fender and line thrown over the side). Fortunately he was recoverd successfully.

On arriving back at the marina we joined the pontoon hosting all the other Rally boats to get into the mood.

Interestingly, the weather looks surprisingly settled over the next few days with a large high pressure sitting directly over Biscay – which may be bad as it may mean no wind at all! Lets wait and see.

Medical kit and satphone arrived today. Can't get satphone working yet but medical kit is very comprehensive and well stocked.

Safetly inspection tomorrow morning, so up early for that.

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