Lifting keel paradise

by Adrian on April 5, 2015

If there’s one place you need a lifting keel yacht its in the Bahamas…

We’ve been here for about three weeks sailing up through the island chain towards our eventual mainland US landfall. 

Mile upon mile of uniformly flat sub 3m depths across large banks between islands has been a completely new sailing experience. It’s a bit nerve wracking, but the Forward Looking Sonar and good weather (and light) have been invaluable.

The sea is so clear that we can reliably see dark patches ahead and there’s plenty of room to steer around any potential obstacles. When the depths get below 2m we motor slowly at 2-3knts so we can stop quickly if necessary. When the wind has been strong we’ve been sailing with just the Genoa to give us immediate flexibility to depower and stop if necessary.

Our mini-Allures rally with our companion (Lazy Jack) has continued, and we have ventured South again down Long Island to many spectacularly quiet remote Bahamian anchorages and then across to Great Exuma Island. Unlike the rest of the Caribbean, we’ve  felt secure enough not to worry about anchoring on our own and have been seeking out deserted beaches and Cays. We (I) like to tuck in as close to shore as possible when anchoring for shelter, so when we can we’ve been edging into 1.4m depths. The tidal range here is about 70cm, so its quite easy to calculate where is safe.

Whilst motoring and sailing in smooth seas we took the opportunity for some spectacular close quarters photography.

  • Jax jumping in

    Jax jumping in

  • Shallow Anchoring

    Shallow Anchoring

  • Lazy Jack and Vagaris

    Lazy Jack and Vagaris

  • From the bow

    From the bow

  • Two Allures

    Two Allures

  • Motoring in 2m of water

    Motoring in 2m of water

  • Bow Shot

    Bow Shot

  • Two Allures from the cockpit

    Two Allures from the cockpit

  • GoPro Out

    GoPro Out

  • Artistic Sailing Shot

    Artistic Sailing Shot

  • Vincent with GoPro

    Vincent with GoPro

  • Close Quarter Photos

    Close Quarter Photos

  • Cleaning the prop in 1.4m of water.jpg


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Eric May 31, 2015 at 14:44

My name is Eric, and Pete McGonagle at Swiftsure Yachts turned me on to your blog. Firstly, huge congratulations. I’m exploring ordering an Allures 45 from Swiftsure, and intend on reading your entire blog closely over the weekend. All the best, and safe sailing.


Martyn April 13, 2015 at 17:41

Brilliant pictures. Just got back from putting the other Allures 45 in the water. keep on enjoying!


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