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by Adrian on March 23, 2015

That’s not the Terms and Conditions, but the Turks & Caicos.

The seas and beaches of the Caribbean have nothing on the waters of the Turks & Caicos (the Turquoises & Caicos might be a better name). I have never seen so many amazing shades of blue and have no idea how to even begin to try to describe them (cerulean? cobalt blue? azure? sapphire? ultramarine? cyan? teal?).

Turks and Caicos Sea Colours

The waters are so clear – snorkelling feels almost like swimming in an aquarium. Admittedly an aquarium with a lot of current, but the visibility is phenomenal. The coral is not the best we have seen (Culebra), but there is plenty of marine life including turtles, rays and barracuda.


After checking into South Caicos we spent a couple of nights anchored in remote locations with no mobile phone signal let alone wifi. We would have been alone there, but we had sailed with friends. There are no charterers here – the reefs are considered far too dangerous, so wherever we go there are a handful of boats at most and acres of space in which to anchor.

Turks and Caicos Remote Island



In the last few days we have been in the company of another Allures 45 – ‘Lazy Jack’. This boat is being sailed by a very nice young French couple (Vincent and Fanny) up through the Caribbean prior to crossing back across the Atlantic to the Azores.


Sunset Tand C

The lifting keel and aluminium hull really come into their own in these shallow, reef strewn waters. Also, the FLS (Forward Looking Sonar) has been a very useful piece of equipment.

On Providenciales (locally known as ‘Provo’), the main island in the T&Cs we soon discovered that it is difficult to get around if you don’t have a car. It is reasonably easy to hitchhike from our anchorage (Sapodilla Bay) into ‘town’, though there is no town centre – hence the difficulty of getting around, and ‘taxis’ will beep you and stop to pick you up if they pass you trying to walk somewhere (though they won’t necessarily know where to take you!).

As we had a very important mission on Saturday to find somewhere to watch the rugby we decided to hire a car for the day. We ended up at the Provo golf club bar which was probably the only place on the island to show the games (which we discovered from Facebook, so in this case I’ll begrudgingly acknowledge that it has its merits). Unfortunately for us, most of the clientele in the bar were Irish, apart from the French who we brought along…anyway, there was a great atmosphere and it was a nice civilised venue in which to shout very loudly at the TV.

TurksandCaicos Rugby

There are many exclusive resorts on the island and a lot of upmarket private villas for rental. A local told us that tourists here spend $2000 a day.

TurksandCaicos Property

There is no shortage of nice restaurants (deduced from the info in the glossy free local guides – we haven’t actually eaten in any of them) and the supermarkets are very well stocked, but the produce is expensive as everything is shipped in.

The Ts&Cs of the Ts&Cs dictate that we can only spend 7 days here unless we purchase a year’s cruising permit which costs a whopping $300 (on top of the check in and check out fees which amount to $100 in themselves). So it’s onwards to the Bahamas then, which promises more stunning beaches and anchorages, but a few more people…and its own $300 cruising permit.

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Albane & Julian March 23, 2015 at 18:21

Hi Guys,

We are in the BVI’s. I hope we can catch up with you in the Bahamas!
Lots of love from Khujada 2!


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