Farewell to the (southern) Caribbean

by Adrian on March 5, 2015

It seems strange that we’re soon to be leaving the main Caribbean islands to head west to Puerto Rico and then the Bahamas and the U.S.

We’ve worked our way north through most of the Caribbean island chain and have sailed (and motored) almost 1000 miles since arriving in December.

Caribbean Route

We’ve worked our way through the southern windward isles, epitomised by the laid back and rustic charms of Bequia and Union island. We’ve travelled through the Leeward islands with their strong European influences supporting modern and iconic yachting hubs such as Antigua and St Martin. Most recently we’ve explored the Virgin Islands with their organised, commercialised and enclosed sailing areas augmented by their American culture, food and currency.

All the islands are different and all the cruising areas have their own distinct character – the real Caribbean is far south, the cultured Caribbean is in the middle and the commercialised Caribbean is up north.

The temperature has been consistent, the winds easterly and unvarying, the rain squalls heavy but short, the sea deep turquoise blue and the cruising free and easy. We’ve followed our own itinerary, anchored where we wanted, marvelled at the sea life and been in awe of the picture-postcard palm fringed beaches. We’ve kept out of trouble and have had a wealth of remarkable experiences.

I really didn’t know what to expect from the Caribbean before I arrived. It’s easy to see why many people come here and don’t leave.

The next legs of our journey are going to be different and we head north to the Bahamas, Florida and the mainland. We’ll have to keep more of an eye on the weather, we’ll have to be aware of sharks and then alligators (!) and we’ll have to get used to being back in the commercialised and well-managed USA.

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