Antigua and Island Diversity

by Adrian on January 20, 2015

The most unexpected thing about the Caribbean islands for me has been the diversity and differences between them.

This is an amazing cruising ground, where every day with a 20 or 30 mile sail you can be in a different country with a totally unique feel and character.

Antigua is a bit like Hamble, Cowes or Gibraltar – it’s a place with deep nautical history that is on most sailors’ destination list. Modern Antigua is an anachronism of the highest degree. In Falmouth harbour there are mega and super yachts costing millions and millions, yet on the roadside and towns there is poverty.


The airport even has a separate airstrip and terminal facilities for the super rich to transit through right next to a purpose built superyacht jetty where they can join their ship without having to encounter any normal people.

We came by sea straight from Dominica and anchored in Falmouth harbour bay. Our Danish friends Cygnus Pena were here waiting for us, so we had a great few days catching up, drinking, lazing on the beach, helping eachother with a few boat jobs and partying. We sampled Antigua’s Rusty Pelican bar (which I had to drag Jax out of a couple of times), Shirley Heights at sunset (with its fantastic view) and Jolly Harbour, where we actually moored up in a marina for the first time in a month.

Sunset at Shirley Heights

Cygnus Pena is passing through to the Pacific in a few months, so they had to leave a bit earlier than us to work their way up to Tortola and the Virgin Islands. We had another farewell party, this time a barbecue on a deserted beach with plenty of wine, lots of good food and a blazing fire for the marshmallows.

beach bbq

Beach Shapes

Farewell again, see you in Tortolla hopefully…
Goodbye Cygnus Pena

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