Movie Night

by Adrian on January 17, 2015

One of the things we get asked quite often from non sailors about our lifestyle and living on a boat is “what do you do about TV?”

Well, we do have a TV tuner – its a digital tuner connected to an antenna at the top of the mast that receives terrestrial TV signals from any country we’re in and streams them over Wifi to an iPad or laptop.

We don’t watch much live TV though – mainly because we’re abroad, but even in the UK most of it (in our opinion) is banal, dull and about uninteresting lives. We do however have a large collection of over 500 movies and 2000 downloaded TV shows on disk that we can stream to the iPad or Laptop whenever we want.

We are currently watching the latest series of 24 and Game of Thrones.

Normally we watch down below on the iPad, but recently I’ve set up a great large screen system for movie nights.

I connect the iPhone to a media streamer via wifi and the boat’s external speakers via bluetooth. I plug the iPhone into a small battery powered pico projector I have that I used to use for work, and this projects onto a large (40″ ish) piece of white corroflute plastic board that I suspend inside the sprayhood as a screen.

This lets us lounge in the cockpit watching movies on a large screen, which is a bit of a treat – and is great in a remote anchorage.

I can project the image onto a sail, but the plastic is easier for relaxed watching…

Movie Night

Alice and Camille after supper with the projector clamped onto the cockpit table:

With Carsten and Alice’s kids we’ve recently had movie nights showing The Princess Bride, The wizard of Oz, Ice Age 4 and tonight, the Blues Brothers.

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Martyn January 18, 2015 at 22:40

Reminiscent of Drive-in movies in South Africa in the 70’s. If the weather works, the innovative will conquer!


Paul Simmons January 18, 2015 at 08:46

Can’t fail to be impressed by the improvisation skills demonstrated by the geek. We don’t go in for 99% of TV either and have never even considered TV for our planned RTW trip. Inspired by your ingenuity, I’ll now be doing some research. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time, everything here is covered in ice, such a bloody contrast to what you’ve got.


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