Party all the time

by Jax on December 19, 2014

Barely a day goes by on the ARC without some form of party and last night saw the ARC costume party at the St. Lucia yacht club in Rodney Bay. The theme was naughty or nice. The girl was nice the geek was naughty – go figure!
Can you see what he is yet? Clue: that’s a gun in his hand (a ‘water’ gun that just happened to be filled with pina colada!) and that’s a cereal bandolero slung across his chest. Answer below if you really don’t get it!

We were entertained by fire eating limbo dancers who roped in all of the kids and one or two others (girl included – reluctantly) to ‘limbo’ on stage with them.

Impressive Fire Eater

Then we danced in the sand until we felt our age and had to go lie down (about half past ten I think!).

A: ‘Cereal Killer’!

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