Nearly finished

by Adrian on December 14, 2014

We’ve less than 130 miles to go now and due to low winds have decided to motor the last few miles.

The wind has dropped to less than 10 knots, so instead of taking 3 days to slowly sail the last couple of hundred miles we decided to motor in order to arrive late Sunday night so we can start enjoying the rum punches and celebrations.
Kath and Steve leave on Thursday, so if we can make it in by late Sunday, that’ll give them a few days r&r in St Lucia before they have to head back to cold Blighty.
A few passage stats:
3051 miles covered
20 days offshore
480 hours sailing
220 night hours
1000 litres of water produced
48 kWh of electricity used
34 hours of generator running
65 engine hours used
300 litres of diesel used
15 other ships spotted
Whales seen – none
Dolphins seen – 3
Maximum wind – 27 knots
Minimum wind – 7 knots
Sails used – all
Meals produced – 80
Gas used – 1.5 small blue 6 kg bottles
Satellite internet bandwidth used – 3MB
Sea temperature – start 25.3, end 30.5°C
Stationary time – zero (approx 250,000 waves passed us during the trip each rocking the boat side to side)

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