Preventative maintenance

by Adrian on December 12, 2014

We’ve 400 miles to go and we’re currently barrelling along in 20 knots of wind, so it’s a bit rolly.
Over the past few days however we’ve had very light winds from dead astern, so have been smoothly sailing downwind on the Parasailor. We took it down earlier after a 24 hour run to check for chafe and found the halyard severely chewed at the top.

Upon investigation it seems the last time we hoisted it the articulating sheave it runs through after exiting the top of the mast could not swing left and right as it was trapped to one side by the spare gennaker halyard. The halyard thus exited at an angle and chafed on the side of the block.
Since we’d ordered the halyard a bit longer than necessary this was easily fixed by cutting the chafed 1/2 metre from the line.
This is something to look out for in the future – and a good timing for the check…
Whilst calm over the past few days I’ve been able to catch up on a few boat jobs. This is me turning the forward cabin upside down whilst running a video cable through to the front of the boat for a bow cam (much to the disapproval of Jax)

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