St Lucia top ten

by Adrian on December 10, 2014

Now that we are counting down the miles instead of counting up, thoughts turn inevitably to what we are going to do when we arrive in St. Lucia.
Here is my top 10:
1. Sleep through the night without having to get up for squalls/sail changes
2. Have a shower every day.
3. Not having to fit 3 meals into 11 hours of daylight (failed horribly at this, eating by moon or artificial light on a regular basis).
4. Not worry about running out of fresh produce, milk, butter, eggs etc.
5. Drink alcohol (how come this is only number 5?!)
6. Eat a meal at a table, off a plate. With a knife and fork.
7. Have a pee without getting smacked in the back by the toilet seat lid (note to self add to jobs list for st.lucia – some sort of fastening)
8. Be able to wash up in plenty of hot, clean water.
9. Have a good hair day.
10. Enjoy the novelty of putting things down and them staying put instead of rolling all over the place.
It all sounds Simply Beautiful to me.
And in case makes it seem as if we’re not enjoying ourselves out here in the Atlantic, let’s put the record straight. Here’s what we love about our world reduced to 45 feet:
No internet (almost)
As many daytime naps as we like without being judged for it
Watching flying fish
Seeing so many shooting stars
No hangovers!
Talking to strangers on the radio just because their sails appear on the horizon (the nautical equivalent of dogs sniffing bottoms perhaps?)
Sy Vagaris

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