Night time activities

by Adrian on December 7, 2014

We’ve just passed the 2000 mile mark, so are more than 2/3 distance.
We’ve had some amazing evenings recently. Not long after the sun has slipped away in front of us to the west has the full moon risen behind us. It has arched across the clear skies giving us bright moonlight all night and set just before sunrise in a ball of red to the west.
Having moonlight makes night watches easier. Without it out here it is totally, totally black. There is zero light pollution apart from our own LED navigation lights and the faint glow of electronic displays and lighting below.
Stars fill the entire sky, and with the aid of iPhone star gazing apps it is now easy to identify stars, planets and constellations. Even more phenomenal is looking out through our night vision goggles, which amplify any pin prick of light revealing an almost solid canopy of unseen stars wherever you look.
Kath has been taking moon sights and tonight when Adrian remembered we can connect to the external speakers via bluetooth, Jax had an impromptu dance in the cockpit to loud music blasting out. (with the glowing red rising moon in the backdrop)

Sy Vagaris – slipping relentlessly through the water westwards

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