Lovely Lagos

by Jax on August 20, 2014

It might be the miles of long sandy beach, it might be the weather – beautifully warm, but not stifling, it might be the wealth of cocktails on offer, it might be the delicious fish and seafood, it might just be the friendly, well run marina….whatever the highlight, it’s always enjoyable to visit Lagos.


On our first night in town on this visit we popped out for dinner and a few drinks. Whilst the girl likes a Mojito or a Caipirinha, the geek can’t quite settle on his favourite cocktail and has 2 piña coladas, half a strawberry daiquiri, followed with a grasshopper on the roof terrace in our favourite bar Bon Vivant.

Geek with GrasshopperGrasshopper Cocktail

For those journeying to the Med, Lagos marks a turning point leaving the Atlantic behind and heading East.

There are also many boats here taking a rest (long or short) – or more likely taking an opportunity to carry out maintenance – before continuing their journey south, either with a rally or on their own. There are plenty of people with whom to compare notes. And share (girls) drinks with (though there are no actual girls in The Piña Colada Club.

Pina Colada Club

The first time we sailed a boat of our own here was in 2006, we arrived with what was then known as Rally Portugal (now, ARC Portugal). This was a really fun trip, 25 boats left Plymouth bound for Bayona and then various legs down the Portuguese coast with entertainment and trips organised. Two of the boats from that trip liked Lagos so much that they are still based here.

This time I’ve had a few days to regroup and do a few jobs before crew arrive on Saturday ahead of the next leg to the Canaries. Into the unknown now, previously it’s always been into or out of the Med from here, but for us uncharted territory lies south.

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Kathie and roger September 2, 2014 at 12:22

Jealous! We are sitting in pouring rain in preto. Roger has just reseated the chain plates and looking miserable in case rain damages his repair!!

We decided two boats weren’t enough and so bought a 27 sabre now on a mooring in the Deben. Jupiters engine caused us grief when we launched it and I saw ‘blue Oyster’ for sale for the price of a new engine and as it had a new engine we bought it!!!! Hope to sail it tHolland sometime!! I thought of renaming it ‘ Blue Rinse’. But thoughts ’twas bad luck so it’s affectionately known as Sabre
Orangery virtually finished and looking rather splendid.
Have a wonderful trip wherever your next destination is and stay safe. Love Kathie and Roger.

Ps minor injury to another finger trapped it on tow bar tee hee


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