Lagos to Las Palmas

by Jax on August 30, 2014

Not one.

That’s how many other yachts we saw on passage to the Canaries.

We didn’t see much wildlife either, a couple of dolphins on the first afternoon, a few sea birds and a couple of random small squid that we found on deck. We didn’t know how long the squid had been there so we thought it best not to eat them – shame.

Sailing under Parasailor

Day 1: Monday August 25th
Depart Lagos 1200h
Forecast wind: North 15-20knots
Actual wind: West 25 knots
Point of sail: Lumpy beam reach. 2 reefs in the main and staysail.

Our crew (see separate post) Katherine and Steve have just completed their Ocean yachtmaster course (astro navigation) so crack on with taking sun sights with the sextant and working out where we are (to within a couple of miles or so). The geek looks perplexed by this old technology and keeps pointing out the accuracy of the GPS!

Dinner: Roast chicken, new potatoes and courgette ribbons. Nobody felt like eating much, sea legs not yet in full control.
Dark and cloudy night.
Despite the extra rest time with more crew on our rotating watch system of four hours during the day, 2 hours at night (1900 – 0700) we are still pretty tired.


Day 2: Tuesday August 26th
Very day 2ish. Still nobody feeling on top of the world, a bit spaced out from the overnight. Not much to say about day 2 other than we got through it.
Dinner: Bangers and Mash with Baked Beans.

Day 3: Wednesday August 27th
PM: Finally see some sun. Reward ourselves with on deck showers and ice creams (not simultaneously). Learn that we must check where the geek has positioned the GoPro camera before we get ready for on-deck showers.
Lunch: melon, mozzarella and Parma ham or smoked salmon salad with mustard vinaigrette.
Dinner: Chicken and mushroom pasta in a creamy white wine sauce.
We ran with the Parasailor most of the day and into the night which was great until the wind started rising and at one point with the wind in the mid 20s a large wave slewed us around. The wheel was hard over and even with the engine on full the boat was not moving….interesting! We got it back in the end and decided although a dark drop wouldn’t be easy, it would be for the best. So the boys, complaining that their tethers were getting in the way (but forbidden to go forward without them) wrestled it down. Of course the wind immediately dropped off to 16knots for the rest of the night – Murphy’s law.

Day 4: Thursday August 28thWe decided to raise the Parasailor again, but had early morning parasailor headache – for some reason it managed to become all twisted when unsnuffing it and then it caught on the radar while getting it down. Minor damage sustained. More of a ‘parafailure’.
PM: finally settle on the gennaker as our downwind sail of choice in 20+ knots of wind.
Dinner: half and half lasagne (half meat, half lentils) with mushroom and spinach. Dessert: individual blackcurrant crumbles.

Sailing under Gennaker

Day 5: Friday August 29th
Sleep patterns much improved – despite the rolling – until Las Palmas radio comes within range and all of their broadcasts are preceded by a loud and annoying DSC alert which needs acknowledging by physically pushing a button (invented by the Darma initiative?!)
2nd breakfast: Cinnamon peaches on brioche french toast with maple syrup. Steve’s hope of losing a few pounds on this trip are not looking too promising!
Lunch: Sesame peanut noodles
Afternoon tea: Carrot cake (and just in case it’s all sounding a bit too professional this was actually out of a packet, but it was freshly baked…. although it rose so much in the oven it was in danger of sticking to the grill. Anyway, once I cut the burnt bit off it was much appreciated!)
Dinner: Batatas a lo pobre (see previous blog post), made and eaten on approach to Las Palmas as the parasailor was being dropped. We thought we needed to get dinner in before we arrived as we would then have to check in and move to our allocated berth etc. etc. however, the office was closed and there was no one to acknowledge our arrival, so the evening was spent on the reception pontoon and the champagne cracked open as soon as the lines were tied on.

Arrived in Las Palmas

658 Miles – 4 Days 8 hours – Av Speed 6.4 Knots

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Steve & Helen (Allegrini) September 7, 2014 at 08:19

Looking at Adrian’s face i don’t think it was just the carrot cake that got burnt, Come on matey, get some block on! Great blog, reading with a tad of envy!! Were still couple of years away yet.

Steve & Helen

PS Keep the techy stuff coming, first impressions on the Parasailor?


Neil Phillips September 3, 2014 at 20:34

Great post, really enjoying your blog, just totally envious is all!
Neil And Cha
(T Wells)


Zetty Morgan August 31, 2014 at 15:08

Hi guys- this is a great post- love the daily updates from the passage, especially the listing of the the gourmet menu!! Its especially encouraging for me as we will have the same stove as you on our boat!! Have you thought about having a food/recipe section on your blog? You seem such a foodie (me too) that it might be fun! I was just dying to see photos of these meals, and you could include the good, bad and the burnt carrot cake bits!!! It would be great for all your readers- I’m sure you get the same questions as we do, if you will be eating mostly freeze dried foods etc….!?!


Jax September 5, 2014 at 08:46

Hi Zetty,
Great to hear from you. There are a few recipes in the ‘Living’ section, I will try to add more soon, with photos of the good, the bad and the ugly!
I did take a picture of the Brioche French toast peaches, but it didn’t come out well and looked unappetising even though they were delicious.
In terms of full disclosure Adrian would like me to point out that I did not roast a chicken on our first day on passage – I bought one from Pingo Doce! – a great piece of provisioning if I say so myself, it lasted us for 3 meals, and we didn’t use any gas cooking it!
Sesame Satay Noodles recipe coming up.
If you have any top tips you’d like to share we’d love to hear them.
How is your build coming along?


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