The rain in Spain…

by Adrian on August 8, 2014

We are sitting in a peaceful anchorage in the Ría de Muros, the northernmost of the Rías Baixas, just a short distance off a beautiful beach in only a few metres of clear water….the only thing wrong with this picture perfect scenario is that the view of the beach is obscured by a heavy curtain of rain and we are confined to below decks listening to the sound of the rain drumming down on the coach roof


The rain in Spain, it would appear, falls mostly on Galicia.

And we had to motor into wind for a day and a half just to get here! At least another major headland – Finisterre (the end of the earth I like to refer to it as, though the geek more prosaically and more correctly calls it the end of land, from the days when people really thought it was the end of land) – has been passed safely and Biscay is now officially behind us.


The downpours haven’t let up all day, so even our planned hop across the ría (all of about 5 miles) to the visit the town of Muros has come to nought. There is little to do on board (especially with – !que horror! – no internet), so you might think that the sensible thing would be, like all good sailors off duty, to seize the opportunity to while away the afternoon with a nice bottle of local wine (the difficult decision being: Albariño, Ribeiro or Godello?)….but no, in the geek’s world you don’t waste time relaxing when you could be doing something useful….



This attitude of mine is met by a lot of incredulity from my girlfriends, who cannot understand why I would ever want my husband to stop doing useful things and spend more time doing nothing……I guess I just don’t know how lucky I am! ;-)

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Neil Phillips August 11, 2014 at 19:35

Hey good to hear you are across the Bay safely! Its been lashing down here in sunny tunny too. I totally get the ‘ doing useful stuff’ bit but we tend to do that whilst preloading on the local vino collapso prior to the longer relaxing bit! just sayin…….:-))
Neil and Cha (T Wells. Still landlubbers)


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