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by Adrian on July 14, 2014

A year ago I backed the development of the original Smartphone wind meter from these guys…

Vaavud Wind Meter 2

It is a great little device that plugs into my iPhone’s headphone socket and tells me the wind speed. It is really accurate and a useful portable backup anemometer.

Well, now they’re expanding and have a 2nd generation design which not only determines the wind speed, but also via some very clever trickery, the wind direction also. A bit of a gadget yes, but very interesting.

Kickstarter works as a funding platform for new and innovative projects. It allows new and modern companies to and crowd source funds for development projects which allows them to fulfil their business goals and fund the design and production, and early adopters a chance to back and buy often new and unusual products that mainstream companies wouldn’t produce. It takes a while to see the result, but the formula works very well.

This project can currently be backed for £26, for which you’ll receive a brand new wind meter once ready November-time.

See here


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