Across Biscay to Spanish shores

by Jax on July 12, 2014

As the geek already mentioned the Îles de Glénan was our last stop in Brittany. According to the pilot book they are “as close to the Caribbean as you can get in south Brittany…” I’m not sure how much competition there is for that title, but I’m hoping that the water in the Caribbean will be a little warmer than 20°C…

Glenan Beach

The Îles de Glénan if you don’t know are also home to the renown French sailing school of the same name which: interesting fact no.2 from the pilot book, was founded by two former members of the resistance.

Iles de GlenanAt the beginning of the crossing there was about 15-20 knots of wind on our beam which lasted about 24 hours making for a speedy 8-9 knot passage, but was a little more uncomfortable than was expected due to some lumpy seas.

After the first night it started calming down a bit and eventually the wind died and we ended up motoring the last 70 miles. In total we travelled 356 nautical miles in just under 48 hours.

DolphinEyeAs well as a sighting of a couple of pilot whales we were visited by quite a few dolphins – once very gratifyingly when the wind had died down and I suggested out loud that it would be a good time to be entertained by dolphins! At this point the geek found a new use for the boat hook – as a close to water camera mount for the GoPro! It needs a bit of practice, but get ready for some dolphins-eye video at some point…

For now though, here’s some standard on-board footage.

We are now sitting in a very quiet settled anchorage in the Ría de Ares in the Golfo Ártabro which is the large bay that is home to A Coruña. There is a tiny marina and a few moorings for local boats, and there are a couple of larger visiting boats anchored further out, but we are quite close in to the shore – because we can be! The water is lovely and clear and there were less than two metres under us when we slung the hook and saw it dig into the sand. A Galician bagpipe band (yes, apparently it’s traditional here too) are marching up and down the seafront celebrating something or other. We’ve had a nice cooked breakfast (always a bit of a tradition after a long night sail) and have piggybacked off a free local wifi connection, so all is good.

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Mart & Vee (Timeless Odyssey) July 14, 2014 at 09:01

Great Dolphin clip, looks like great progress and you are having fun. Do you have other crew with you? I have the 3 Surf Africans flying in Thursday morning and we set off Friday, with a plan to cross channel to Alderney on Sunday, if the weather is right. Various crew changes planned during the 3 weeks with Veronica flying out for last 2 weeks of trip with my daughter and Dylan joining us for the last week. We will have some crew leaving along the way so generally 4 crew all of the time. As is always the case the work on the wind Gen and Solar on the arch, that was supposed to be finished by end June, is happening this week, not ideal but………..Happy and safe cruising, watch out for those buoys.


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