To Concarneau

by Jax on July 9, 2014

After sitting out two rainy days at anchor in Camaret it was more than time to move on – and having tweaked the nose of the Chenal du Four a couple of days ago, we pulled the tail of its partner in crime the Raz de Sein.


Again, with the right tides and reasonably calm weather this fearsome stretch of water didn’t cause us the problems its reputation threatens, but we’d treated both with a healthy amount of respect. And this time round we had plenty of sailing company for reassurance.

We were passed by a fast ferry whilst rounding the corner – it looks a lot closer in the photos than it was in reality… (Thanks to a fellow sailor for the pictures)Ferry Pass

Sunday night was spent in Bénodet (Bénodet, Bonnne idée as the town’s slogan goes), a pretty, if quiet, town with a beautiful beach and moorings up the river Odet. My mission whilst in Brittany to scoff a galette Bréton was accomplished. The geek ordered a gallette with Andouille sausage, which was a meaty step too far even for him.

Since then we haven’t travelled very far, we spent another peaceful (yet rainy – we are discovering that the Brétons seem to have a necessarily healthy sense of humour about their wet weather) night at anchor in between Beg Meil and Port la Forêt.

Then yesterday we popped into the marina at Concarneau for a night, made a quick trip around the historic old town fort island which is connected to the mainland via a drawbridge. It’s a little bit like Bréton toy town inside with multiple Bréton crêperies, and shops selling Bréton shirts, Bréton biscuits, Bréton cider…Bréton monopoly… (Ok, so I made the last one up, but I wouldnt be surprised).


And finally: I am loving the sailing schools for small kids, very much like the snaking lines of munchkins you get in ski school, here you see patient instructors with their chain of tiny boats forming the next generation of sailors, almost sailing before they can walk. What a way to learn.

20140709-093509-34509846.jpg 20140709-093509-34509748.jpg

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