Le Chenal du Four

by Jax on July 4, 2014

Our need to make an unscheduled stop further east than planned meant we had a long way to go to make it round the Finisterre before the predicted south westerlies set in for a few days.

Le Four LighthouseA 90 mile day was further complicated by the need to meet the south going tide through the infamous Chenal du Four. With this not due until 2100 local time we had plenty of time to make the distance, but were looking at night falling as we were exiting this notorious stretch of water.

It’s always comforting to see other boats making the same passage at the same time, but the yachts that had been heading in our direction all day peeled off before the corner as if they had heard a weather forecast that we had missed and were seeking refuge nearby…. So, we had the Chenal du Four all to ourselves.

With little more than a knot of wind our passage was straightforward. But at the north of the channel by Le Four lighthouse it was obvious just how tricky it can be around here because these were the most confused seas we’ve ever seen in one knot of wind!

Sunset at the Chenal du Four

The light inevitably faded before we reached Camaret, – it was around midnight after all. And after our recent experiences with buoys it was not without some trepidation that we searched in the dark for a clear spot to anchor in the bay – safe to say if it hadn’t been for the ‘Marriage Savers’ TM saving the day again, we might have woken some other sleeping sailors with our – ahem – communication ;-)

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