Emergency Nav Lights

by Adrian on April 19, 2014

Everything important should have a spare… Not just for when something fails, but sourcing decent replacement parts is far more of a problem when away from western internet shopping and reliable postage, so one of my aims in preparing our boat for long distance sailing has been to source good quality spares before we set off


I recently found two interesting sets of spares for nav lights.

The first is an evolution of the basic D-cell-and-filament light most chandlers sell. It uses the same plastic mountable housing, sectored light shield and coloured lens, but uses an ultra-bright modern LED bulb instead – so they’ll last for ages and won’t break. The bulb is a high brightness side emitter design that is far brighter than the filament bulbs it replaces.

I know battery powered lights are on the ARC’s list of mandatory spares, so these are good solutions that use the latest LED technology. If you already have these types of emergency lamps, then why not upgrade just the bulb – they’ll be far more effective and the battery will actually last more than one night!

side emitting led e10

The second is a flexible alternative that I’m sure will have a number of uses. They’re small LED bike lights designed with a rubber strap that makes them ideal for clipping on to a pulpit rail or stanchion. They’re bright, waterproof and are red, green and white. Ideal for clipping on to the tender, as a quick extra light for the cockpit in the evening or even a bike. Usefully, two lights together make an arc of approximately 112 degrees.



Both of these lights can be found at boatlamps.co.uk. The large emergency LED lights are £29.99 and the bike lights are just £2.50 each.


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