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by Jax on April 2, 2014

The geek has wanted one of these since he first saw it at METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show – aka ‘geek heaven’) in Amsterdam last year, but was unable to get hold of one (without going to Sweden) until it became available from a UK reseller.

ScrubbisInvented by a Swedish sailor, the Scrubbis is an ingenious way of being able to clean the hull without having to haul out your boat. You just push the foam scraper head of the Scrubbis into the water and under the boat hull towards the centre line, then move along the boat pushing the Scrubbis back and forth (the technique is a bit like if you were hoovering- and involves about the same amount of effort). Because of the buoyancy of the head, the Scrubbis will follow the lines of the hull, and the telescopic handle allows you to reach right underneath the hull. The head is detachable and the handle folds away so when stored it doesn’t take up too much room.

Winter growthThe ultrasonic antifouling has been working well, but after a winter sitting in Brighton marina a thin layer of ‘beard’ had formed around our hull, so we tried the Scrubbis out on this growth this morning and were very impressed with the results and how easy it was to use.

Scrubbis dock

Ideally you’d use it from the dockside, but we were too lazy/busy (?!) to turn the boat around so tackled the starboard side from on deck – which means that you can’t get quite as far underneath, but we still moved quite a lot of growth as you can see from the video.

There is a far superior video made by the inventor showing how it works, but we thought we’d make our own so that you’d know it wasn’t just marketing!

Force 4 are now selling the Scrubbis in the UK and have an introductory offer of £10 off and free postage, but the offer is only valid until Sunday April 6th.

Force 4 website

And just a quick word on good customer service from Force 4 – because the geek was so eager to get his Scrubbis he was too early for the introductory offer, but Force 4 have refunded the difference – so thank you Force 4!

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Alex Meredith April 2, 2014 at 17:13

The staff at force 4 rock!


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