Fortuitous forecasting…

by Jax on March 25, 2014

setsail One of the informative talks we heard this weekend was an introduction into offshore weather interpretation and forecasting by Mike Broughton of Winning Wind. It was very interesting, but left me wondering exactly how we would manage without having an expert weather router backing us up, or the satellite capability to download up to date information from multiple sources (not going to happen – this exceeds even the geek’s flexible budget for life improving technologies).

As I was casting around the net for ideas, I came across a post on weather forecasting, storm tactics and successful cruising by sailing guru Steve Dashew. Recently he has very generously made two of his publications ‘The Mariner’s Weather Handbook‘ and ‘Surviving the Storm‘ available as a free PDF download. These have now joined our electronic library and we shall be working our way through their 600-odd pages as soon as we can find a spare hour or ten!

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