Jimmy Cornell’s Long Distance Cruising Seminar – Part 2

by Jax on March 24, 2014

As billed, the geek and the girl took part this weekend in Jimmy Cornell’s long distance cruising seminar at the Cruising Association in London.
Long Distance Cruising SeminarLeft to right (facing): Doina Cornell, Kathy Parsons, Gwenda Cornell, Germaine Beiser*, the girl, Jimmy Cornell.

As well as Jimmy’s insights into world weather systems, principal sailing routes and other tips and tales too numerous to mention, there were some really interesting and informative presentations on aspects of blue water sailing such as offshore weather forecasting, offshore routines and medical emergencies at sea, given by some vastly experienced professionals. It was great to meet and talk to people in various stages of having done what we are doing/in the process of doing what we are doing/dreaming about doing what we are doing.

I’m sure the geek came away with some more ideas for bits of kit that we could probably live without, but might make our lives just that bit better…

The girl was also asked to participate in a women’s only forum on women and cruising run by the very knowledgable Kathy Parsons – see womenandcruising for more – which was enlightening.

For many women, cruising was their husband’s dream or idea and they have followed him into it, willingly in some cases, reluctantly in others. For us, the original idea to try sailing was mine, but without the geek’s confidence to buy, fit out and skipper a boat the notion of sailing around the world would never have come to fruition. But many of the concerns and issues these women have are shared, and it’s refreshing to be able to talk about everything in at atmosphere free of testosterone.

Often our concerns can be disregarded because they are misunderstood or considered irrelevant. But guys I have news for you: all of our issues are valid because they affect how we feel on board – and that affects you! – and if they are dealt with in a sympathetic reassuring manner you may find your lives are much easier. I know it can be difficult for you, but try giving it a go – and in return we will try to be less overly cautious and braver and maybe there is somewhere around half way where we can meet…?

We stayed in one of the ‘cabins’ at the Cruising Association in Limehouse (btw, when did Limehouse become so trendy?) – which are very similar to the bunk cabins on a large ferry, and perfectly adequate for a night or two – what could be more convenient than a short stagger from the bar to bunk? However, as I wearily climbed into bed last night I thought how nice it was to be in my own bed. This in turn made me think of all of the well meaning friends who over the course of a stormy winter have offered their spare rooms to us for a night or a few. It’s very hard to convey to non-cruising folk, but we find our boat very comfortable. It’s extremely well set up and we have everything we need – and that was pretty much why Allures asked us to participate in the seminar in the first place!

CA PresentationAbove: our presentation about preparing a monohull for long distance cruising (click to view).

*Germaine is in her 80s and is still cruising with her husband Arthur. For more see: Germaine Beider – still cruising

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Zetty Morgan March 25, 2014 at 22:25

Hi Jacqui! It was great meeting with you this weekend, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share our, as yet, totally geek dominated blog with you! We are in Cherbourg right now having seen Jimmy’s boat and hull no. 2 today and had lots of meeting time with Benoit. Feel like my brain might explode with all the information we have had to take in and process and a few good glasses of French wine and some wonderful fresh seafood we are ready to crash! I mentioned in our meeting that I was wanting to up grade our stove and sinks to something ideally like yours and I couldn’t decide what the response was, it seemed like it might be a problem, but I’m determined!! Again, great to meet you, Zetty, S/V Arctic Monkey (can I say that if it doesn’t yet exist?!?!)


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