Iridium Go!

by Adrian on March 23, 2014

This is worth keeping an eye on if you’re considering buying a satellite phone system for emergency calls and basic data communications.

Like a wifi hotspot, this new satellite access point promises to let multiple smartphones and tablet devices share a satellite data connection for calls and app-based internet activity such as gps position reporting, SMS messaging, twitter/facebook updates and even compressed (light) email and web pages. brochure.

The speed will be the slow like existing satellite services (4800kbs realistically) , but it promises to simplify satellite-based email and communication by removing the requirement for a laptop with complicated connection and compression software and services.

Since data is accessed via apps, they compress and control content, thus avoiding the risk of apps and system updates hogging and eating that precious bandwidth.

Prices have just been announced and consist of monthly charge bands with different levels of inclusive minutes and data. Intriguingly, these is also a $125 unlimited data plan, which if you can bear the speed, makes this a one of a kind, allowing unlimited use for gribs, emails, social updates etc.

This is perhaps the type of device that’ll eventually work with the new Iridium Next satellite network being launched 2015-2017 that should offer 1Mbs connection speeds (100x faster than the current system). Now that will really change yacht communications…

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