Drawer Safety

by Adrian on March 9, 2014

A quick recommendation for reasonably small and unobtrusive turn button catches to guard against drawers and cupboards bursting open whilst being bashed around in heavy seas.


I know modern push button drawer latches aren’t meant to come open, but believe me, they do, and the resulting crash sounds horrible and picking up the contents in rough seas after they’ve been scattered all around the boat isn’t fun.


I’ve not been able to find these neat stainless steel catches in many places, so here’s my UK supplier Sea-Screw in Sussex. They are 45mm in diameter and are about as unobtrusive as I’ve been able to find.

Sea-Screw Marine Supplies

The latch with packaging and manufacturer:

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David Constantine July 11, 2015 at 14:35

Hi, I totally agree with you. we have the same push button catches everywhere on our Selene Trawler and drawers and cupboards with any weight or largish contents (mainly Galley)often come open at sea when rolling,with disturbing and distracting regularity. I am happy to have found these catches and fortunately,being English, Sea screw is known to me and actually not far away & I’ve bought screws from them in the past. Hadn’t thought to look at their site as their name suggests only fastenings!!
Many thanks for you observations,David


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