A slippery problem…

by Adrian on February 5, 2014

Changing oil is one of those jobs you need to do but don’t necessarily want to do. It is always messy, something invariably takes longer than you’d planned and the price of oil makes you wince.

Oil Extraction pumpTo make this job more attractive, I installed an electric oil extraction pump a few months ago. It was a standard 12v auto extraction pump meant for cars. It didn’t cost a huge amount (£30ish) and seemed to be an ideal solution.

The theory sounded great. Plunge one thin pipe to the bottom of the dipstick hole, and the other into an empty oil container, switch it on and wham, bham a few minutes later all the oil would be nicely and cleanly extracted and ready to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way before whipping off and changing the oil filter.

I even mounted it onto the engine compartment’s bulkhead so it was always easily accessible and wired in.

Mounted Oil Extraction Pump

The only problem was that in use it was so slow (even with warm runny oil) that it took over an hour to suck 8 litres of oil out and then overheated, burnt the impeller seal, and started leaking.


I’m replacing it with a more robust specialist Jabsco oil change pump which I hope will last longer and be a much better solution. It costs bit more, but is sturdily made, uses a nitrile impeller and is also reversible – to assist putting new oil back in the engine afterwards.

Jabsco Pump

I’ll let you know how it goes…

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