When Dark and Stormy is a good thing

by Jax on January 14, 2014

January, a month of New Year hangovers (physical and financial) short days, miserable weather and tax return pressure, really doesn’t seem to me the best time to give up drinking as well, aren’t we dispirited enough (pun intended)? – though if that’s what you’re doing, good on you and good luck with that!


This January, in particular, was there ever a more aptly named libation than the
‘Dark and Stormy’?

Could this possibly be the ‘best boat cocktail ever’?™ If you can call it a cocktail as it doesn’t have many ingredients, but it seems too delicious to be relegated to the state of a mere ‘mixed drink’. Originating from Bermuda the d&s comprises a sailor’s rum ration with ginger beer – everyone knows ginger is good for seasickness (not that I’m suggesting you drink and sail, but when you’re relaxing at the end of the day…ok,so you probably won’t be feeling seasick then, but anyway…) – and lime, so it will even help prevent scurvy too.

Officially according to various recipes to be found online:
Wikiepdia decrees rum and ginger beer served over ice, optionally accompanied by a slice of lime.
about.com suggests the addition of citrus is unnecessary and overbearing – we’ll have to agree to differ on this one…
and according to Esquire: no true Bermudian would put lime in a dark and stormy…

I say these are malicious rumours – pay no notice.
Optionally? Optionally?! To omit the lime would be missing the point, and we’re not talking about a measly slice here, we’re talking about juicing the life out of the luscious little lime and then rubbing the ravaged waste around the rim of the glass. Obviously this is down to personal taste, but for me it’s all in the lime. Hell, sometimes I might even omit the rum, but never the lime.limes

Gosling’s Black Seal and Barritt’s Ginger Beer seem to be the brands of choice in recommendations online, though Gosling’s make their own GB too – a cunning plan if ever I came across one – but I’m a Mount Gay girl myself.

It’s only a shame that ginger beer is not more widely available in some places – I have undertaken many a fruitless search for GB in mainland Europe – so I try to keep a plentiful supply in the bilges (for emergencies!).

The girl’s long, dark and stormy:
Juice of 1 lime
Lots of Ice (if you are lucky enough to have a freezer on board she said not meaning to sound smug)
A generous shot of Mount Gay Rum
Topped up to the brim with lashings of ginger beer

As the geek and the girl never like the same things, this drink is no exception, though they come closer to an accord than usual. The geek just prefers his Mount Gay and lime with Coca-Cola rather than ginger beer.

Oh yes, I think this is the point where I’m supposed to say something like ‘please drink responsibly’. Enjoy the weekend, whatever the weather.

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Janet Kay January 18, 2014 at 11:34

Somehow just knew that was Jax writing & not A!


Helen Bland January 18, 2014 at 09:09

Send one over. And we can compare with the Bland family drink: Mount Gay, Ginger Ale (has to be Canada Dry), Angostura Bitters and a slice. And ice. Love January. Love the photo!


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