Hey Jude….

by Jax on October 29, 2013

Well, despite us not getting very much sleep Vagaris survived the St. Jude storm unscathed…

Brighton Marina Breakwater 
In preparation, we doubled up the spring lines to make the boat more secure. As we hadn’t yet found a time to take the sails off for winter we furled the sheets a couple of turns around both the genoa and stay sail and put sail ties around both foresails to keep them from coming undone and flogging. We lashed the sail bag to the boom and reduced windage as much as possible wherever we could, though we decided to keep the spray hood and backdrop up to give us somewhere to shelter whilst keeping a eye on things.

For us the worst of the weather seemed to come between about 0500 and 0700 Monday morning – and we had completely given up on the idea of sleep by then. On board we had 50-60 knots for a sustained period and saw a gust of 70 knots – but we’re not sure if that was the top speed recorded in the marina. Winds of about 40knots continued for most of the day, so it was a relief today for it to be calm and quiet (ish).

The aftermath:


IMG_2554 (1)

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Karin Kidd October 30, 2013 at 01:05

Think you were very brave even attempting to stay on the boat that night. Pleased you guys ok & Vagaris came through without any damage


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