Summing up the Summer

by Jax on September 6, 2013

This is a representation of the route we took this summer:


A total of 1,178 nautical miles taking in the south and South West of England, Wales, Cumbria, the briefest of flirtations with Scotland – merely kissing the South West and the Solway Firth – bouncing off the Isle of Man, before Ireland, by way of Dublin, then non-stop back to Poole harbour and finally completing the circuit back to Port Solent.

We enjoyed glorious weather on the South coast of England which meant we were able to take the inside passage around most of the headlands on our way west. We anchored in Lulworth cove, up the river in Dartmouth and just off the Lizard. The tides became much more complicated once we reached Wales and needed to negotiate Jack and Ramsey sounds near Milford Haven, and later the challenging Menai Straits. We weren’t able to visit all of the places we would have liked with our timescales (only sailing at weekends) so sometimes it was easier to head offshore and miss some tricky tidal restrictions and make some distance.

DSC00198Rounding Portland Bill on one of its less intimidating days.

We successfully achieved our targets of visiting family in north Cornwall and Cumbria, managed to meet up with old friends and made some new ones. And we decided it would be a shame not to include Scotland on our itinerary as it was only 20nm away.

The geek succeeded in commuting back to work every week from everywhere bar Scotland and Ireland – when he took a week’s holiday (we covered about 600nm that week including a passage of 60 hours non-stop – not a very relaxing holiday!). This commuting involved some creative planning – taking trains ahead to pick up hire cars, and some tortuous train journeys (9 hours from Falmouth was probably the longest). As we got further north the train services improved, unfortunately we couldn’t say the same of the weather – though it general it was pretty good to us.

ukrouteAdrianThe geek’s commuting routes

It took us 54 days to reach the furthest point on our trip and 6 days to get back, ‘celebrating’ our 10 year wedding anniversary in the rain in the Irish Sea.


It’s slightly disappointing that the summer has come to an end – and to be back for another winter when we thought we would be heading to the Caribbean, but it gives us something to look forward to for next year.

A nice sunset to welcome us back into Port Solent.

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