English summer

by Adrian on July 1, 2013

It is summer here in the UK.

If that wasn’t enough to be shocked about, we’re making the most of it by embarking on our sail to the West Country, Cornwall, Wales and up to Cumbria and back.

Our ARC crossing and Atlantic trip has been postponed for a year as I’m working with a communications startup that made me an offer that just wasn’t sensible to refuse. It is a friend’s company and they are really going somewhere and value my experience and assistance as they grow and expand.

It was a difficult decision postponing everything we’ve worked towards for three years – especially given the momentum we’ve gained and the work we’ve done to get Vagaris 100% ready to go, but swelling the cruising fund now will allow us to stay out longer without having to stop to top the coffers up so soon next time.

Before we were going to leave the UK we wanted to sail around the coast and visit my mother in Padstow and Jax’s folks in Cumbria. The former is 87 and is increasingly frail, the latter don’t have passports to leave the Lake District!

The only way to show them all how we live and the platform for our forthcoming adventures was to take the boat to them.

I grew up whiling away many summers in Cornwall and have always had the ambition to sail to Harlyn Bay and up to Padstow.

Due to my work, we’re going to spread the cruise out mainly over weekends, the occasional long weekend and a few well timed days off here and there.

There’s a lot of travelling to ensure I’m in the office in Surrey each Monday morning, but with a lot of planning it’s working out so far.

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Janie and Andrew Lax July 14, 2013 at 15:44

Dear Adrian,

Hi from your friends of SSB radio course!

We managed to leave UK in June on the first leg of our Ozzie or Bust voyage. Our boat HEBE is now in the Balearics after a gruelling sail with far too much wind for our liking, mostly on the nose. We are still planning to join the ARC and get ourselves down to the Canaries in the autumn. Good to hear from you and good luck with UK sailing and your new job. xxx


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