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by Jax on March 1, 2013

It’s not my intention to endlessly plug stuff, but I think it’s good to know what does and doesn’t work. And if I talk about Joseph Joseph products I can do both of those things in the same post.

I like a good kitchen accessory and one of my favourite brands is Joseph Joseph.
http://www.josephjoseph.comI like that they try to come up with different and better ways of making kitchen and cookware accessories, and I like that most of them come in my favourite shade of lime green (it doesn’t add anything to their utility value, but it does make me smile).

In fact, Joseph Joseph are a little too good at being innovative because they regularly bring out new products that I feel would improve my life (not in a big metaphysical sort of way, just in a day to day it’s the little things that make your life easier sort of way).

Since we’re a) supposed to be saving money for cruising; b) not accruing more stuff that we have nowhere to store (as you are probably already aware these rules do not apply to electronics and technical gadgets, they all fall into the category of totally indispensable as far as the geek is concerned) and c) just not voraciously buying stuff that we don’t need because we’re a post consumer society (is that being post-ironic?), kitchen accessories are one of the few purchases I can justify. And I know it’s not ethical, but I really used to enjoy a good bout of retail therapy…

But even the geek, whose question every time he catches me looking at a pair of new shoes is: ‘Can you wear those on a boat?’ (unfortunately, the answer is invariably no, well, Joseph Joseph Twist Whisknot unless it’s a large Russian owned power boat, but I digress…), can appreciate acquisitions such as my new ‘Twist Whisk’, which takes up less space than a conventional whisk and can be used as a flat whisk too – thereby allowing me to exchange one utensil for two – win, win, everybody’s happy and I have the tiniest frisson of instant gratification that I used to get from buying those lovely new shoes (sigh).

As long as they work that is (the gadgets, not the shoes, keep up!). This is the problem with innovation – it doesn’t always work, and sometimes it’s just not necessary. And of course, good design doesn’t come cheap, so it needs to work and be durable.

So, what we approve of:

Elevate kitchen tools – Joseph_Joseph_Elevate.pngthese have a weighted handle with an integrated tool rest to minimise the mess made when you put them down on the kitchen surface, and they are suitable for non stick pans (anyone who goes near my pans with a metal implement is not long for this galley).

Joseph_Joseph_Uni-tool.pngThe only drawback is that they do take up quite a bit of space in the utensil draw, so I only have a couple, but that’s where the Uni-tool comes in. This claims to be five utensils in one – a slotted spoon, or a solid spoon, a turner, a cutting tool and a spatula. I probably only use it as 2 or 3 of those on a regular basis, but that means it still fulfills the magic criteria of performing more than one function.

Joseph Joseph Elevate Tongs.pngAt the moment the jury’s still out on the Elevate tongs as the button that releases them from their closed storage position seems to get stuck.

The Fold Flat Grater does what it says on the tin -Joseph_Joseph_Fold_Flat_Grater- is super easy to store and unlike some graters incorporates a decent handle which makes it easy to use. Not cheap, but I have no complaints.

Stretch expandable silicone pot holder, Joseph Joseph Stretch .pngyou can extend it to different lengths to hold more than one pot. And it’s silicone too, which means things won’t slide off it if it’s a little bit bumpy out there – no more trivets on tea towels!

Double Dish Snack Serving Bowl, you put your olives or pistachios in the top and the bottom serves as a receptacle for stones or shells. Saves space on the table and and no unsightly mess (ok, so I don’t really use this when we’re sailing, but with sundowners in port it comes into its own).Joseph_Joseph_Double_Dish.png

And what we’re not so keen on:

Chop2Pot Chopping Board – good while it lasted, (which wasn’t all that long) it split along one of the folds – did the design geeks not see that one coming? I had an early one, maybe they’ve improved on the design since then?

Food Station Chopping Board – Glass worktop saver with removable chopping mats. These were a gift to us, I’m afraid the glass worktop saver never made it on board as we really don’t do glass on boats, but I had high hopes for the colour coded chopping mats* as they were thicker than the previous ones I tried from Lakeland which sharp knives just cut straight through, however after only a few uses of one of these mats it split almost clean in two.

As a result I am now trying the Flexi-Grip Chopping Board instead, whereas had I seen the new Pop Chopping Mats I might have elected for those instead. But as in the good old days of shopping for clothes and shoes I think there is now a ‘one in one out’ policy on my kitchen accessories, so maybe next time.

I would also love to have the beautiful Shell scales, but as I have discovered, digital scales suffer from seasickness and even the slightest movement in an anchorage renders them completely useless, which put paid to my baking plans until I procured something a little more utilitarian.

And finally I like the look of the Prep&Store Bowls which are new….I might have to wait until next Christmas for those though. Step away from the kitchen accessories…

Some of The Girl's Joseph Joseph Collection

Some of The Girl’s Joseph Joseph Collection

*indispensable for avoiding cross contamination when sharing a kitchen/galley with someone who can understand incredibly complex wiring systems, but can’t seem to get their head around a very simple system of colour coded chopping boards: red=meat, blue=fish, green=vegetables white=bread; he’s had training, we had the Index Advance at home, which even has little pictures on the boards to help out if it gets too confusing….

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Chantal Huron March 1, 2013 at 19:34

I lost your email address …. Can you send me a private message please ? Hope all is doing well for you :)


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