Bird trouble in Brighton

by Jax on November 18, 2012

No, the girl is not out of control, well, not more so than normal. We are only talking about the feathered kind here. And we are not friends.

Too much time is being spent cleaning up shit from the decks, literally.

Last time we were in Brighton marina (winter 2010) we were advised that plastic snakes on the deck would act as a deterrent to the feculent flying fiends.

We invested (not heavily) at the toy shop and though the deck looked like a (non-threatening) snake pit. It seemed to help.

This time round it would seem those avian invaders have gotten wise to our tricks and are having none of it – even though the snakes are now of a superior variety. Maybe dumb Brighton birds are no arbiters of quality.

But maybe it’s because our current problem is not the seagulls, but starlings, and they just don’t seem to be afraid of snakes. I guess they’re not the most common enemy to starlings in the UK. We’ve even gone to the trouble of hanging snakes high in the rigging, but to no avail. After a couple of weeks away the boat looked a bit Jackson Pollock.

Desperate measures are called for…

Bird spikes
The geek bought a few of these nasty looking plastic spiky devices and today was hauled up to the top of the mast for installation (so much easier now there’s an electric winch involved).

Bird spikes

30 minutes later we have (hopefully) sufficient deterrent to stop the settling starlings.

Up the mast, fitting bird spikes. Headset for easy communications.

We’ll see…

Seagull Spikes
Stopgull The geek also found a company producing special marine seagull spikes at the METS boat technology show he went to recently in Amsterdam. These individual rotating deterrents are small, easy to install and fix with a self adhesive pad to the top of lights, radar domes, spreaders etc.

Stopgull seagull deterrent

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Karin Kidd November 19, 2012 at 00:33

OMG does not sounds good, but love the photos. What a good camera you have!! LOL


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