by Jax on October 19, 2012

I like to cook, not molecular gastronomy style, but I still like to chuck things together and (hopefully) make something tasty. I’m not a snooty cook; marmite on toast (poached or boiled egg optional) is one of my favourite meals, but when I’m making a bit more effort then good ingredients and simple tasty dishes are my signature style. Despite my best attempts to disabuse him of the notion the geek still thinks that it’s possible to create an amazing dinner in ten minutes without having given it a moment’s thought (perhaps that’s my own fault?).

For my capabilities as a cook I have to thank Rosie Davies for her expert tutelage, patience and humour. Rosie, a professional cook, runs residential cookery courses for small groups from her lovely home in Somerset. The courses are primarily designed for people who want to work with food professionally, either on yachts or in ski chalets, but they offer so much for everyone from invaluable basics through to advanced techniques. Rosie Davies Any limitations are purely mine, not hers – as the geek would say “you can’t polish a turd”.

Before I met Rosie I would slavishly follow recipes, unable to even embark on my task unless I had every single ingredient listed. I wasn’t even very good at reading recipes. One evening I started making Delia’s vegetarian moussaka. After salting the aubergines, frying the onions, making the tomato sauce, cooking the aubergines, whipping up the topping and assembling the ingredients I finally arrived at the last step at about half past ten (and very hungry): “Bake for an hour….”
I now of course realise that the secret to making it less stressful is in the preparation.

I like to think I’m a little more resourceful these days, I can improvise a bit, don’t panic if things don’t go according to plan and I enjoy cooking for friends (or even strangers). On the whole I try to make quite healthy food, but given the geek’s prediliction for pork products this is not always the case. What the heck? Life is too short not to eat delicious food.

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