The best marine cookers?

by Jax on October 14, 2012

As Tom Cunliffe bemoaned in his Yachting Monthly column, September 2012: “Why can’t I find a decent boat cooker?”

Cooking on a boat can be challenging enough, but many inefficient marine cookers render the experience more difficult. All too often the choice of temperature is ‘hot’ or ‘not hot’. Food will be burnt on one side and not cooked on the other.

Or worse still, a badly designed cooker can be dangerous – including one I used on a very expensive boat where you needed two hands to operate the mechanism for opening the oven door in a seaway…and then the shelves fell out onto my arms.

This is a frustrating state of affairs even if you only do the occasional trip or are on holiday for a week or two. For people like us who spend so much time on board, it is a scenario that we just couldn’t countenance.
GN Espace Cookers
After much research – and trial of many cookers on different boats during deliveries – we stumbled upon and fell in love with the GN Espace range.

This British company produce  a range of quality cookers, sinks and other galley items specifically designed for yachts. They all work together as a well thought out system. If you’re really interested you should refer to the manufacturer’s specifications, but the main features for us were:

    • Quality design and sturdy build. The cookers are strong brushed steel, well insulated (you get very little heat from the exterior case even when the oven is on) and designed to be used frequently.
    • A unique multi-directional gimbal system – helping the cooker remain level in most sea conditions

  • Excellent insulation and performance – meaning the oven can get to 220°c and stay there
  • Standard commercial sized cookware – designed to be usable between GN Espace cookers, sinks and storage units
  • Robust and quality accessories – easy to clean and stackable
  • A full width grill that covers the entire width of the oven
  • Sturdy hob and pan supports – no glowing red hot and bending

The cookers just make sense…

They have a huge range of quality, strong ovenware, the heavy non stick oven dish being so good that it looks new even after six month’s hard use.

The shelves have a stop at the end so they don’t fall out when removing the oven dish.

The oven doesn’t tilt when you open the door (due to clever counterbalancing).

The ovenware is exactly the same size as a shelf in the sink, so a hot dish can be placed inside the sink for serving and to stop it sliding around.  The chopping boards also fit securely over the top of the sink to save precious worksurface space.

GN Espace Galley

Now, instead of having to allow up to three times the recommended cooking time, we just cook food as indicated.

GN Espace claim that the cookers use very little gas and that it is not unusual for them to hear that a gas bottle lasts 3 times longer than with customer’s older cookers. I find that this is not necessarily the case as I’m so pleased with the results of my cooking that I use the cooker much more than I would have done previously – so the gas doesn’t last me much longer, but it does cook more meals! So we are all well fed and more content.

Quality isn’t cheap, but for us it was a worthwhile investment as we now have a decent cooker on our boat that apart from being smaller is just as good as a household cooker.

The only thing that I’ve had to give up is my Boatie’s Frying Pan – that most wonderfully designed rectangular pan for awful small hobs. We have 3 good size ‘high efficiency’ burners where conventional pans fit and work just as they should.

GN Espace


Its not just us… the UK’s yachting monthly recommended these cookers as the best available in a recent test.


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Paul Simmons October 26, 2014 at 09:12

Got into your site after chatting to Steve and Katherine, I am planning a RTW for the future and have been very impressed by your site and the detail provided in the articles as you have modified the boat. Very inspirationall, has got me fired up to push on with realising the dream


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